Reasons Not to Get in a Dog’s Face

You have probably all seen how kids like to run up and grab on a dog and get right into the dog’s face. Now you probably know that letting kids get in a dog’s face is not the best thing to do. Now I know my daughter likes to get in my dogs face and blow in it and then just irritate my little Yorkshire Poodle while in his face. Now she has learned why she shouldn’t get into dogs faces and has stopped getting into our dogs faces, but some people may not know why you shouldn’t get in a dogs face.
Now one of the first reasons you will not want people to get into your dogs face or get into another dogs face is they might bite. Some owners will even tell you that the dog bites to warn you off from the dog. This might not be because they do bite, but because the dog might not like strangers getting into his face or near his face.

I know that even dogs that do not bite might bite if you get in their face. For instance, with my little Yorkshire Poodle I know that he normally does not bite, but what broke my daughter of getting in his face was him nipping her. I must admit I was upset with him as well as my daughter. Typically though he does not bite, but he finally got fed up with her constantly being in his face. So even a dog that does not bite can be forced to if people get in there face.

The other reason that you should not get in a dogs face is because some of the dogs that you run into might let you get in there face, but the next one might not. I know that in the pet stores my English Mastiff does not really mind people being around him as long as they come up slowly towards him where they can see him. However, if the people run up towards his face and try to get in his face he becomes instantly defensive.

Granted people should already know not to get into a dogs face and the owner should warn you about the dog. However, at times people are not around the dog when people come up to them. Getting in your dogs face or any strange dogs face is never a good idea. Your dog could snap at you or bite you and break skin.

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