Heart Disease in Domestic Animals; Use of Low-Sodium Diets

Heart complications do not just affect human beings. It can also affect animals and is common in domestic pets, including your family dogs and cats. If you own a pet it is imperative that you be aware of the heart disease and the various treatment options that may be recommended by your veterinarian as, in doing so, you can keep serious complications bay, improving the longevity of your pet’s life.
Some of the most well known methods for treating heart disease in humans are also available treatments to domestic animals – treatments that include the use of ACE inhibitors, diuretics, and even vasodilators. For your domestic animals, these medications are prescribed by veterinarians to treat heart complications and risks.

In addition to these medications, and also very similar to the health of humans, most veterinarians recommend low sodium diets for pets who are suffering from heart ailments. When on a low sodium diet, your pet will be placed in a conventional type of therapy where the type of dog food that is prescribed would be limited. When under prescription your pet will intake less sodium than what was typical prior to the heart condition developing – ultimately, this will improve your pet’s health.

It is good to consult your veterinarian about the kind of foods that are best for your dog or cat. Under normal circumstances, veterinarians do not prescribe the lower cost dog foods that are available nor do they recommend giving your pet the food that is meant for humans. But, if you are on a low cost budget, and you prefer to avoid spending large amounts of money on custom pet foods, your veterinarian can give your recipes of dog food and cat food that will include low sodium.

If your dog or cat is afflicted with a heart condition it is important to find methods to help treat the condition. In doing so, you can ensure your family pet stays healthy and lives a normal lifespan. When deciding on the options to treat your pet’s heart afflictions, it is important that you know how to provide low sodium diet for your pet and to refrain from giving table food as this is the first step towards ensuring a reduction in the sodium levels for your pet’s health.

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