How to Remove Pet Hair and Not Clog Your Vacuum

Trying to remove pet hair from carpet and furniture can be a difficult task. Even the most powerful vacuum won’t remove all of the hair. All you need is a shoe with tread, for your carpet and a damp wash cloth for your furniture.
To remove the hair from the carpet, you’ll need the tennis shoe. Simply put your shoes on and slide your foot across the carpet. You want to make sure you slide your foot in the opposite direction of the way your carpet lays. You know how when you vacuum you get those lines in the carpet when you pull it back toward you, that’s the direction you want to do with your foot. If you have a big room, get the kids involved. They would probably have fun doing it. Most pets have a certain place they lay or hangout so you usually have a main area where the hair has collected.

This method is also excellent for removing hair from steps. Those little vacuums really don’t have much power and this will certainly get the hair up. For the steps, you’ll want to start at one side and slide your foot toward the middle. Then the other side and slide toward the middle. Once you get to the middle, slide your foot toward you from the back of the step. Keep repeating this method until all steps are clean. Once you have cleaned your carpet this way, the little woven fibers are now raised, making your carpet look new and feel softer. You can still go over the carpet with a vacuum to get up loose dirt the hair did not pick up.

Now for the furniture. Everyone’s pet loves to be on the couch or maybe they have their favorite chair. The best way to clean your furniture depends on what type of material it is made out of. My furniture is microfiber. I have found the best cleaning method for this is a lint brush, a damp wash cloth, or you can purchase a microfiber cloth. I always take the easy, cheap route and use a damp wash cloth. I might use the lint brush if I have one laying around but I would never buy one just for cleaning the sofa. To remove pet hair from upholstery, I’ve found the easiest method is with the damp wash cloth. This can be tricky like the carpet. Depending on what type of upholstery it is, depends on which way you move the wash cloth. Try a few different directions and once you see the hair balls forming, you will be on your way to a cleaner couch.

I have two cats and it seems like shedding is their hobby. I love this method of removing pet hair and would definitely recommend you try it..

How to Prevent Your Dog from Barking

Hearing your neighbor’s dog bark loudly whenever you pass by can be very disconcerting. Waking up in the middle of the night because of loud barks is very distressing too. You may be thinking that your neighbor doesn’t care as much or at all. But since you are the one being bothered, your course of action would be to go to your neighbor and ask him if he could keep his dog from barking at you. But what if you learn that he is actually trying his best but to no avail? And since you are pretty much troubled by this, you would want to help your neighbor.

Here are techniques to successful prevent the dog from barking:

  1. Letting the dog see you frequently will make you a familiar sight for it. You can recommend to your neighbor to have you come over from time to time, just so the dog would be familiar to you. Do this in a subtle way so that your neighbor won’t think that you are pressing for an invitation. Your regular presence may be seen as invasion of privacy.
  2. Regularly check on the dog. You may not be the reason why the dog is barking so much. Maybe there is something bothering it as well. There may be something wrong that it needs to alert other people of it. During such instances, try to commend the dog for being vigilant.
  3. Buy some toys that the dog can play with. If the dog has nothing to do, it tends to notice every slight movement around it. Even if these are just normal movements, the dog will bark on it because it caught his attention. If he is busy playing with some toys, he will be too preoccupied to pay attention to needless things.
  4. Try to talk to the dog. It may seem weird, but talking to the dog can help in reducing his barking fits. Barking is a dog’s way of expressing itself. He may be trying to say something, and yet since you cannot understand what he is trying to tell you, you think of the sound as nuisance.

It is indeed irritating to hear the relentless barking of a dog, especially if you are the closest neighbor. The sounds of the dog’s barks seem to be passing through the walls of your house and you do not seem to have some quiet time. However, the dog may be barking for the right reasons, so you have to make sure first. Try employing one or more of the techniques mentioned above and you may be able to solve the issue of the noisy barking dog.

Reasons Not to Get in a Dog’s Face

You have probably all seen how kids like to run up and grab on a dog and get right into the dog’s face. Now you probably know that letting kids get in a dog’s face is not the best thing to do. Now I know my daughter likes to get in my dogs face and blow in it and then just irritate my little Yorkshire Poodle while in his face. Now she has learned why she shouldn’t get into dogs faces and has stopped getting into our dogs faces, but some people may not know why you shouldn’t get in a dogs face.
Now one of the first reasons you will not want people to get into your dogs face or get into another dogs face is they might bite. Some owners will even tell you that the dog bites to warn you off from the dog. This might not be because they do bite, but because the dog might not like strangers getting into his face or near his face.

I know that even dogs that do not bite might bite if you get in their face. For instance, with my little Yorkshire Poodle I know that he normally does not bite, but what broke my daughter of getting in his face was him nipping her. I must admit I was upset with him as well as my daughter. Typically though he does not bite, but he finally got fed up with her constantly being in his face. So even a dog that does not bite can be forced to if people get in there face.

The other reason that you should not get in a dogs face is because some of the dogs that you run into might let you get in there face, but the next one might not. I know that in the pet stores my English Mastiff does not really mind people being around him as long as they come up slowly towards him where they can see him. However, if the people run up towards his face and try to get in his face he becomes instantly defensive.

Granted people should already know not to get into a dogs face and the owner should warn you about the dog. However, at times people are not around the dog when people come up to them. Getting in your dogs face or any strange dogs face is never a good idea. Your dog could snap at you or bite you and break skin.